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Examples | C# and VB.NET | Brief info


Brief info

C# and Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) are developed for the .NET Framework platform. These languages use Common Type System and Framework Class Library and have the joint programming environment Visual Studio. Therefore in this section C# and VB.NET are described jointly.

To get an overview how to use Programming Taskbook in C# and VB.NET you should click the "?" button or press [F1] key in the Programming Taskbook window. The Programming Taskbook window will appear if you start the application in demo mode using PT4Demo tool or create and run a task template using PT4Load tool.

The content of the information window depends on a chosen programming language. Here is the screenshot of the information window for C#.

The same information is contained in the window for VB.NET, with the exception of names of VB.NET data types: Boolean, Integer, Double, Char, and String.




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