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1100 training tasks on programming

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Licenses transfer

On this page you can transfer any amount of your PT4/PABC licenses to other user.

A PT4 license provides the registration of the PT4Complete edition of Programming Taskbook. A PABC license provides the registration of the PascalABC/PascalABC.NET edition of Programming Taskbook.

You are not required to know the user password; it is enough to know his/her e-mail address.

If the user is not registered in our site he/her is registered automatically when you transfer licenses to him/her (the user's password will be sent to him/her by e-mail).

If the licenses transfer will be performed successfully then the user will receive the required amount of PT4/PABC licenses and the number of your licenses of the same type will be decreased by this amount. The user will be informed about the licenses transfer by e-mail.

This service is accessible only for registered users




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